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Discover true Quality

We provide you with great sharpening, the best; sharpening that befits you and your lifestyle. Our diamond sharpening blade is made from the highest quality and guaranteed to give every pet a soothing sheer. With sharper blades you improve functionality, durability and comfort for everyone. Our skilled master sharpener handles all resurfacing needs with careful attention to unique blade details. Get Sharp at a great rate per blade today.

Your Blades, Sharper

Providing you with maximum level of comfort & confidence in every blade!

Mr. Sharp on the Recharge

fresh & true grit
We invite you to follow us on our social media channels for the latest news and event updates! Be kept up to date with the freshest ideas of Mr. Sharp and his talented team, no matter where you are in the world.

What is the Cost?

Pet Sharp LLC is charging a flat rate for both shipping and sharpening. As many blades that fit in a cardboard box of your choosing will be returned for a flat rate shipping fee of $8 throughout the continental United States (international shipping is available, please email or call for specifics). Blade Sharpening is also a flat rate fee at only $6.75 per blade (plus tax; in South Dakota this comes out to 4% in 2017, or rather $7.02 per blade with SD Tax).

What is a "Loyalty Punch Card" and how do I get one?

At Pet Sharp we love you, and we appreciate your business. For Bulk Order Blade Sharpening and we offer an exclusive Loyalty Punch Card—simply pay for nine blades and get the tenth FREE.

How Long Does it Take?

Pet Sharp LLC offers a lead time of about one week on all orders. This means that after we process your payment and receive your blades we are able to sharpen and return ship your blades in approximately seven days. If orders are made through the website we have convenient ways of updating you as to the current status of your order: whether received, sharpening or return shipped with tracking!

Sharp Rewards

Sharper is Safer. Get Sharp.
At Pet Sharp we love you, and we appreciate your business. With our exclusive "Loyalty Punch Card" simply pay for nine blades and get the tenth FREE, in about a week.